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paddling in the BWCA

Dive Into Retirement

Dive into retirement currently just a place for me to play with website design and function.  In the near term it is just going to be a place to post pictures from some of our adventures.  However, it is certainly the eventual home of Dive Travel Services.  That piece of Island Divers Hawaii is going to be of very little value to a eventual new owner, as it is highly relationship based.  In fact, I think some of the first readers of this website will be those people that already travel with Sheila and I, and mom of course.  

What might eventually appear on these pages

Trip Reports

As usual, I have more ideas than I have time to put those ideas into practice.  But trip reports from both dive vacations and canoe and camping excursions will certainly appear here.  Sharing the resources I used to plan those trips will be useful to others.

  • Dive Trips
    • From our planning Dive Travel Services trips.
  • Canoe Trips
    • We love multiday waterborn trips, lakes or rives, maybe even coastal trips.
  • Backpacking Trips
    • We plan on the occasional backpacking trip from the RV.  This is more of a young persons game, so we’ll be talking about how old and slow does it.  

Upcoming Trips

  • Dive Trips from Dive Travel Services
  • River and Lake canoe trips
    • A place to plan waterbourne trips around the country and world.  Probably all for friends and family that might like to join us, but perhaps if we get really good at a certain area – our services for hire.  We could do this already for the Boundary Water Canoe Area (BWCA), the real question here is “do we want to?”
  • RV meet ups
    • Gathering all the friends and family that want to gather in one place for local adventures.  Probably BLM land near wild areas, but who knows.  

RV Resources and Advice

Our country is blessed with lots of public land and lots of great places.  I think it will be fun to share how we explore and enjoy these places while avoiding most of the commerical operations while exploring.  While there are lots of good resources out there, drilling down to a specific area can be difficult.  I’m sure we can generate excellent guides for specific places and have a great time doing it.  We will try to drive some small revenue from these activities.

Sharing WorkKamping and Volunteer Experiences 

There are some great opportunities out there.  Even in just a short time of just thinking about retirement I’ve found a number of semi working jobs I’d like to try.  Campground hosting sounds like one thing we’d like to try, just touching on the fringes of what is obviously a huge area of interest for many make a guide to this an easily useful post.  There is a website out there called Work Away.  It is designed for people that want to live in the hosts house and work about 20 hours a week in return for room and board, but we might want to roll up on some of those in the RV, especially the ones where people are looking on help on hobby farms.  Even Amazon Campforce sounds kinda cool for a month.  Apparently they have you walking 12 miles per shift.  Thank sounds like a great way to get in shape for a big hike, and they will probably need people before Christmas when the outdoor weather is kinda blah.  Our course, with our captains credentials we found some seasonal captain jobs that sound interesting too.  I don’t see my love of water ever ending.


One of Sheila’s goals is to catch a fish in every state.  Gotta keep people updated on how that is going!

Baseball Parks

I like baseball, but I just like it.  I really love baseball parks.  I’m going to use visiting them all as an excuse to drive around the country.  Maybe all 31 parks in one season.